Money designed to be moved.

Fluidity is a yield generating protocol for people who won't leave their money idle.

Fluidity rewards people when they actually use their money.

Meet Fluidity.

Fluidity exposes users to defi without requiring them to leave their money idle to generate interest.

Fluidity takes tokens and wraps them, storing them 1-to-1 in a lending protocol. The interest accruing is the prize pool which can be won by anyone who spends and transfers the token at no fee.

Fluidity takes no fees. Imagine using your token as you normally would and winning a life-changing amount for your spending habits.

Backed by

Fluidity has received grants and support from the biggest names in Blockchain and Decentralised Finance.

For senders

With Fluidity, you don't change your crypto habits. Purchase assets and use contracts as you normally would. But with Fluidity, imagine buying a NFT and receiving 100 ETH just for your purchase at no cost. Imagine sending money to a friend, knowing that the token is always backed 1-to-1, and receiving 100 ETH just for sending money.

For receivers

Senders AND receivers receive the prize amount if a transaction qualifies. Imagine receiving money from a friend and changing your life for doing nothing. Imagine trading Fluid Solana on a DEX and receiving a non-trivial amount just for trading with no fees. Combine that with a DAO for voting on increasing the outcomes for specific contracts and increased rewards for certain habits (purchasing NFTs)!

Let's Talk

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments.